| 2012 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament
Live Hook-Up Status
Vessel Photo | Vessel Image
Vessel Information
Vessel Name:Bad Medicine
Vessel Mfr:Cabo Yachts
Length:35.00 ft
Beam:13.50 ft
Port of Origin:Detroit Lakes, MN
Engine Mfr:Caterpillar
Website:Click Here
Captain:Bernabe Ruiz
Mate:Alberto Cesena
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Team Anglers
Alberto CesenaMale
Barnabe RuizMale
Christian Eduardo Lupian BMale
Gary AndersonMale
Gary MowatMale
Katrina PrasseFemale
Team Stats
Team Status: Professional
Points in Series: 4
Elected Categories
Dolphin / Tuna / Wahoo
Winner Take All
Team Fish Log
AnglerSpeciesRelease TimeFight TimePoints
  Video Christian Eduardo Lupian BPacific Sailfish10.19.12 03:58:3610 mins.100.00
  Video Katrina PrassePacific Sailfish10.19.12 03:58:249 mins.100.00
  Video Gary AndersonPacific Sailfish10.19.12 03:58:149 mins.100.00
  Video Gary MowatPacific Sailfish10.19.12 03:57:498 mins.100.00
  Video Alberto CesenaBlue Marlin10.19.12 11:16:3019 mins.500.00
  Video Alberto CesenaStriped Marlin10.18.12 02:32:206 mins.100.00
Image   Gary MowatDolphin10.18.12 11:20:151 mins.42.20